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Progressive Educational Philosophy…The Birla Ethos

The guiding philosophy of Gopi Birla Memorial School is to take the student through a joyous journey of learning by creating myriad opportunities for the child to develop the capacity to think, connect, reflect and decide.

Our constructivist curriculum amalgamates learning from recent brain research and theory of multiple intelligences along with other research validated best practices to ensure contemporary and progressive education for the foundation preschool years. Our CORE curriculum is an acronym for Conceptual-Original- Reflective –Emerging and blends the best practices of the global education community as well as the CBSE. It addresses the needs of the next generation learner in the Indian context.

The Primary and Secondary years are about building strong foundation and skills for the 21st century and also preparing students to be responsible and aware citizens of tomorrow.

The focus of the Senior School is on preparing the students for the CBSE grade 12 Board examinations. The teaching learning is supplemented with rigorous coaching for both preparatory and competitive tests to ensure the academic and future success of each student.

The highlight of the Senior and Secondary school is the Career Connect program where the school counselor guides both the students and parents on the student's abilities and interests and possible higher education and career options.

We espouse the belief that the school environs foster a spirit of self-concept and therefore it becomes an essential need to provide ample scope for the students to express themselves openly. Keeping this in view, we have offered a wide range of co-scholastic programs that allow students to pursue creative interests and acquire valued skills like team building, problem solving, observation and analysis, non-verbal and verbal communication skills.

Our outbound trips and camps form an integral part of our endeavor to provide a robust environment outside the perimeters of the school wherein a student becomes more socially conscious and aware of the needs of others.